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The birth purpose of outsourcing services is to help businesses effectively address work problems and optimize costs. If compared to advanced countries, the price of Outsourcing IT services in Vietnam is still relatively low, only about $ 10-14 per hour. Meanwhile, an average hired laborer in the world has a price of about $ 15-20 / hour. That's why many foreign companies choose Vietnam to conduct machining, outsource software.

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Purpose of IT Outsource Service

  • 1 The existence of outsourced company or freelancers is to help businesses optimize costs and it is not needed to hire fulltime personnel for long-term working. With an outsourced IT service for businesses, when the project ends no extra costs will be wasted on redundant personnel.
  • 1 Human resources are more flexible than fixed personnel. If the fixed personnel has an unexpected, sickness ..., IT problems are almost impossible to solve

The IT Outsource services that Blackwind provides

  • 1 CRM - Customer Relations Management Software, ERP - Enterprise Management Software, HRM - Human Resource Management Software ....
  • 1 IOS and Android application programming
  • 1 Website, landing page design for specific projects.
  • 1 Software writing systems on demand.
  • 1 Services, information technology solutions and security solutions advice for businesses.
  • 1 Software outsourcing, service provision, information technology solutions

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