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At Blackwind Software we specially develop e-commerce website array with solutions to build sales platforms. We study and apply the latest technology to improve website performance like processing tasks speed or time.

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Why choose Blackwind website design service?

Optimal technology

  • 1 Use the latest and most advanced programming technologies today such as PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, ...
  • 1 Optimizing website access speed, website stable operation, capable of meeting hundreds of thousands of visits for a while with high quality hosting packages.
  • 1 E-commerce website system works well on all platforms and all browsers.
  • 1 Multi-storey security technology, limited viruses and effective network attacks.
  • 1 Integrating the most modern features on the current e-commerce website such as ordering features, cart, online payment, online contact, orders orders or order notifications when ordering customers .
  • 1 Convenient and flexible website management system to help stores, businesses can quickly update, edit products, services or sales news, promotions.

Optimal design interface

  • 1 Professional, beautiful and creative design interface, being synchronous with the brand identity of the store, business.
  • 1 Ensure the synchronization throughout the design, creating a separate and unique highlight for each website to serve efficiently for online sales and increases the brand awareness on the Internet.
  • 1 E-commerce websites are designed to create the most convenient and comfortable experience for users who purchase on the website, with only a few simple clicks
  • 1 Ensure the a good display on multi-device (Smart Phone, Smart TV, Laptop, Tablet, ...)

Optimize compatibility

  • 1 E-commerce websites are completely compatible with all browsers includes Google Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox, Opera, IE, ..
  • 1 Multi-platform compatibility with all devices (Smart Phone, Smart TV, Laptop, Tablet, ...)

Optimal SEO and Marketing standards

  • 1 Optimize URLs, meta tags, headline tags, Open Graph, ... friendly search engines and user friendly.
  • 1 Ensure the HTML code according to SEO standard to engage public attention on Google or other popular search engines
  • 1 Integrate e-commerce website statistics and measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmasters or Google Tag Manager ...
  • 1 Integrating interaction with the most popular social network today like Facebook, Google+ or Zalo.

Optimize customer design and customer service costs

  • 1 The cost of designing online commerce websites is suitable and affordable thanks to the optimal design process.
  • 1 Make a commitment to follow the schedule of work, which have been discussed and agreed with the customers
  • 1 Regularly upgrade, update the latest technologies to improve customers' websites. Committing to maintain and upgrade websites for customers when needed.
  • 1 Lifetime support, quickly overcome incidents occurring for websites of stores and businesses in order not to affect business operations.

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Blackwind has years of experience in designing software solutions, mobile application on demand. And we are looking forward to working with you

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